Krista Burkeen

We have hired Paragon Custom homes for two projects. One was our home and the second was our business.

We have nothing but great things to say about their professionalism, work ethic, attention to detail and the over all quality of their work.

They were always on the job and on top of everything. We never had to ask what was going on or when something would be completed. They always communicated this information to us before we even had time to ask.

They continually went above and beyond on the littlest things....extra insulation here, extra support there....just because that is the type of product they put out not because it was code.

We would recommend Paragon Custom homes to anyone looking to have above quality work done for their home or business.

Krista Burkeen

This was our first time building a new home and we were a bit apprehensive. Matt and Todd quickly replaced any feelings of anxiety with confidence.

Matt and Todd possess the most important traits required in any business relationship -- trust and honesty.

The project was on budget and completed on time and we were extremely happy with the quality of work. Matt and Todd have very exacting standards; they absolutely will not allow just an "ok job." They diligently work with you to honor all your requests while at the same time offering creative suggestions for your consideration.

Matt and Todd are passionate about their work. It was a pleasure to work with them and we would do so again without a moment's hesitation.

Larry & Carrol Targgart

Paragon worked with us on a remodel project for our entire office. Todd and Matt’s level of professionalism and attention to detail are second to none. In the construction industry we have all heard stories of contractors being late, not focusing on the details or not keeping to the budget or plans.

With Paragon, we never had a problem with any of these issues. They go above and beyond in all that they do. They not only met our expectations but exceeded them as well.

I can’t stress enough their commitment to detail and quality workmanship. They deserve their solid reputation as a premier builder in southwest Michigan. Anyone considering new home construction or remodeling should consider Paragon first

Brent Kerstetter

I chose Paragon Custom Homes to build my dream home because, when talking with others about local builders, their name kept coming up. There wasn't a single negative comment from anyone.

This house would be my third build but the first as a single mom. I was intimidated about handling the business side of building a house because negotiating has never been a strength. I was prepared to talk with three builders and go from there. I called Paragon first and met with Todd. He had such a genuine honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable personality that I decided to end my search that day. We worked on a plan together with Matt that would fit my budget and everything just fell into place.

Paragon exceeded my expectations, I enjoyed every stage of the building process and felt confident that I had made the right decision. I was reassured by the subcontractors that Todd and Matt were the best and that they wouldn't build their own homes with anyone else. They always responded quickly to any concerns and steered me in the right direction when any doubts would arise. I am happy to say that there really never was a time that I felt I had to negotiate.

It's been over a year since I moved in and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. My only regret is that I enjoyed the process so much I wouldn't mind doing it again!

Wendy Clancy

My husband Scott and I are currently in the final phase of construction on a new home with Paragon Custom Homes; and we are happy to say that we still LOVE our builders!

The journey through this build has been a positive experience. Todd Page has taken the lead with the building of our home and he is a proficient craftsman in his trade.

As with any form of construction there are unforeseen situations that arise that must be dealt with that can be very frustrating, but with Todd’s calm demeanor and “can do” attitude, our worries are left behind and a sense of trust has been established. Todd has taken our dreams and created a masterpiece with them.

Paragon Custom Homes are well known for their attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. We have been surprised again and again with the quality of product that has been placed in our home.

Todd has answered every one of our questions with honest, knowledgeable answers that come from experience and know-how. He has limitless patience and always takes the time to listen to our ideas and discuss how to incorporate them into the design.

Every single contractor that works on the house, every supplier, and past homeowners show the deepest respect for Paragon and have told us that we are working with a builder that has integrity and demands quality workmanship.

Our home is not only aesthetically pleasing; it is built to the highest standards with quality products. This home is built to last through generations, which is rare in this day and age.

We are so very excited to move into our new amazing home and relish the beauty that we are surrounded with!

Paragon Custom Homes are far and above the best builders you will ever find. I would be happy to discuss our experience with anyone who is interested in building a home with Paragon Custom Homes. Please call me at 269-668-5267.

Scott and Janene Rawlinson